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Toronto, Canada
Feature Films, Independent, Stop Motion, Visual Effects 03/10/2010
Exploring Animation & Visual Effects in Storytelling
Getting animated
London, United Kingdom
3D CGI, Independent, Student, Visual Effects 02/11/2010
Elizabeth Johnson weblog journal
The Art of Falecia Woods
Chicago, IL, USA
2D CGI, 3D CGI, Hand Drawn, Independent 01/15/2010
davidmourato, Portugal
2D CGI, 3D CGI, Independent, Student 10/01/2009
My animations and my work in progress
thoughts, research and production
Commentary, Independent 09/30/2009
Just another AnimationBlogspot.com weblog

San Diego, USA
Hand Drawn, Independent, Stop Motion, Student 07/29/2009

Buenos Aires, Argentina
3D CGI, Animation History, Independent, Studio 06/16/2009
Everything Must Go!
Colorado, USA
3D CGI, Independent, Short Films, Visual Effects 06/09/2009
A strange creature makes his home in a piece of display furniture at a depa...
From the Mind of LordBishop08
Hand Drawn, Independent 05/25/2009
Drawing, Illustrations, and portraits in pencil, charcoal, and chalk.
Peliclips New Orleans
Experimental, Hand Drawn, Independent, Short Films 05/05/2009
a loose animation collective, mostly hand drawn, with lots of cheese appeal
The Panick Button
2D CGI, Hand Drawn, Independent, Short Films 03/20/2009
Clentch your buttocks, Bill
Creation Bubbles
Fl., USA
2D CGI, Flash, Hand Drawn, Independent 03/07/2009
A blog dedicated to my comics

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Fresh From the Festivals
Fresh From the Festivals

Not everyone has the occasion, or inclination, to travel around the world to sit...[more]

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