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Blog NameCommunityDate Added
Karyabagus Studio
Jakarta, Indonesia
3D CGI, Studio, Visual Effects 07/07/2011
3D Visualizer & Animation
Animation 'O' logy
3D CGI, Experimental, Short Films, Studio 07/31/2009
NOT another AnimationBlog

Buenos Aires, Argentina
3D CGI, Animation History, Independent, Studio 06/16/2009
Hand Drawn, Short Films, Studio, Television 04/19/2009
The Mind of Adam Massicotte
2d Charactr designer and flash animator
(Pune) maharastra., India
2D CGI, Feature Films, Flash, Studio 04/06/2009
Just another AnimationBlogspot.com weblog
Sandman Animation Studio
2D CGI, Feature Films, Flash, Studio 01/05/2009
Sandman Animation Studio, China. Kieron Seamons
Animation World
kennethfiguerola, Spain
Flash, Hand Drawn, Internet/Mobile, Studio 11/10/2008
Kenneth Figuerola freelance animator
[sic] Animation
2D CGI, Experimental, Hand Drawn, Studio 04/24/2008
That was the intention...
Animated Superheroes
Vancouver, Canada
Animation History, Commentary, Studio, Television 04/14/2008
A look back at the Superheroes of Marvel and DC Comics and their animated c...
Lola's cracked
ottawa/ontario, Canada
Hand Drawn, Independent, Studio, Television 04/04/2008
is she the artist thats right for you?
Pursuit of Happiness
3D CGI, Anime, Hand Drawn, Studio 04/02/2008
Just another AnimationBlogspot.com weblog
D.F., Mexico
Experimental, Short Films, Stop Motion, Studio 02/07/2008
Hazlo realidad/Make it real... -INFO@TURNERAMA.COM-

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Fresh From the Festivals

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