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The Animation Blogspot is a new blogging community focused on the art, craft and industry of all things related to animation. Launched and hosted by Animation World Network (AWN.com), the Animation Blogspot was created with the goal of fostering communication and connections among people across all areas of the international animation, visual effects, gaming and digital arts communities.

Blogging has brought about fundamental changes in the nature of online communication and the dissemination of information, ideas and perspectives. Using realtime publishing tools, blogs inspire everyone to have a voice and venue in sharing their opinions and insights. It is our hope that bloggers within the Animation Blogspot take advantage of the unique opportunity to communicate and connect – to share their knowledge and experience, to promote their skills and work – all while benefiting from exposure to other animation professionals, historians, commentators and enthusiasts in one convenient online community.

What are the Benefits of Joining the Animation Blogspot?

There are several main benefits to joining the Animation Blogspot community, as opposed to just blogging on your own.

  • It’s free. No setup fees, monthly hosting fees or bandwidth fees.
  • It’s stable. We use WordPress as the basic underlying blog architecture, which is one of the most widely used and supported systems available. (If you have an existing blog on another system, you can easily import your blog into the Animation Blogspot.)
  • A centralized blogging community devoted to animation makes it easier to find others – and to be found.
  • Free publicity within the Animation Blogspot and across the Animation World Network of affiliate sites, newsletters, press releases, RSS feeds, etc. (Being associated with AWN.com, the largest online publisher of animation and visual effects resources, has its perks.)
  • Plus, you directly support the rest of the animation community. Each blog will have two ad positions integrated into its blog pages. One is a 728×90 pixel superbanner at the top of the blog page, and the other is a 135×240 pixel vertical banner in the side column of the blog page. The top-page ad helps to keep the service free. Plus, every quarter, 5% of net ad revenue generated by the top-page ad position is donated to animation community-related organizations. In addition, the vertical banner is devoted exclusively to the promotion of our bloggers themselves. We only use this position to deliver free ads that bloggers provide us for their own site promotion. This is separate from any other promotion they may do, or any other ads (such as Google ads) that bloggers may put on their blogs.

What Do I Get When I Join?

  • Free 24×7 administrative access to create your own blog at the subdomain of your choice (mysubdomain.animationblogspot.com), along with free customer service (we’re here everyday to offer any help you may need).
  • 100 MB of free blog diskspace without fees for any bandwidth usage or hosting services. If you need more space, let us know.
  • Your blog can be found using a comprehensive search feature and within various community webpages of the Animation Blogspot portal. The content of your blog can be displayed on the Animation Blogspot homepage, as well as across the Web via RSS syndication tools.
  • The ability to create one or more graphic advertisements promoting your blog, which will run in rotation on every single blog within the Animation Blogspot. That’s built-in promotion to a targeted and receptive audience (other visitors/readers).
  • Special deals and discounts on products and services.
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